Powerflow - Introduction

youtube video image powerflow - introduction

Porsche Cayman S - Powerflow Briardene

youtube video image porsche cayman s - powerflow briardene

Powerflow - Toyota 86 Drifting

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System Designs

Our technical advisor will design and customise an exhaust system in line with customer requirements whilst guiding a customer through the process to benefit from our experience and knowledge. Systems are finished off with a final touch of quality branded Powerflow tail pipes to suit the image and style of your vehicle.


Powerflow freeflow exhaust systems was developed 35 years ago with ongoing development keeping pace with ever increasing demand as engine technology advances. We have pioneered the performance enhancing concept of the freeflow system whilst achieving greater economy. Powerflow is an ISO 9001 accredited manufacturer.

Our Services


PowerFlow BRIARDENE is an award winning exhaust fitment center


South Africs's no.1 stainless steel exhausts expert


Pioneers of free flow exhausts and still leading
Powerflow Briardene has been in existence since 1997 and has had a management change in August 2011. Subsequently the premises have been upgraded substantially to meet current market demands and to create an ambiance to support our service delivery and superior products.

Powerflow - Introduction

youtube video image powerflow - introduction